Pickemfirst Bookmarklet

Follow these instruction to install the Pickemfirst Bookmarklet for __SPORT__.

Step 1: Add the Bookmark

Long press on this link then select 'Bookmark Link' :

Pickemfirst for __SPORT__

Click on the star icon at the end of the url bar:

add bookmark add bookmark

Step 2: Edit The Bookmark

You should then see the following window.

edit bookmarks edit bookmarks

If you already closed it, you can go to your bookmark list and long press on the new bookmark 'Pickemfirst for __SPORT__', then edit it.

You now need to modify the bookmark URL. Tap the URL field (it begins with "http:"), then remove all the text before the word "javascript". Position the cursor right before the "j" as shown below, then delete till the beginning of the line.

edit bookmark start edit bookmark start

The finished URL should look like this:

edit bookmark finish edit bookmark finish

Step 3: Use The Bookmarklet

When you're surfing the web and want to run Pickemfirst on a particular page, just tap the bookmarks button, then tap on the bookmarklet. Pickemfirst will read the page and highlight add a "P" icon next the __SPORT__ athletes names. Touch any icons to get more information about a specific __SPORT__ player.

Try it now on the following athletes:

Chad Ochocinco
Tom Brady
Steve Breaston
Kenny Britt
Dwayne Bowe
Ahmad Bradshaw

Nick Swisher
Dustin Pedroia
Esteban German
Hanley Ramirez
Brian Matusz
Ian Desmond
Kameron Loe

Andre Iguodala
Luol Deng
Mario Chalmers
Antonio McDyess
Hasheem Thabeet
Jerryd Bayless

Evgeni Malkin
Pavel Datsyuk
Pekka Rinne
Zdeno Chara
Olli Jokinen
Andrei Markov

Zach Collaros
Andrew Luck
Josh Nesbitt